record setting out the nature and purpose of records of personal information in the possession and control of amira international limited

(ACN 004 448 266)

AMIRA International collects and records personal information solely for purposes directly related to its sole function and activity, namely the organisation and management of collaborative research projects for the minerals industry. AMIRA International respects the privacy of all persons about whom it records information and does not make access to such information available to anyone other than the individual concerned, except for information necessary to comply with statutory and insurance requirements.

1. Nature, Classes and Purpose of Records

    (a) In the case of Councillors (Directors) of AMIRA, such information is kept as enables compliance with statutory and insurance requirements and personal contact.

    (b) In all other cases, such information is kept relating to representatives of members of AMIRA and to past, present and potential sponsors and to researchers as enables contact in regard to involvement in AMIRA research projects.

2. Period for which information is kept.

3. Availability of Access