Management of Minor Elements
Project No. :P671A Status :Terminated
AMIRA : Ms Kriba Reddy
Duration : 4 years

The deportment of minor elements across the various unit operations of a process flowsheet does not normally receive the attention that the major elements receive. However, these minor elements can have a major influence on the quality of the products as well as impact on the economic and environmental considerations. The optimal removal recovery and sale or, where necessary, disposal of minor elements from the appropriate process stages can benefit the operation of most plants. It became apparent in P671 that minor element analysis presented a major problem which needed to be resolved before meaningful mass balances for these elements in smelter circuits could be determined. MINTEK, University of the Witwatersrand and CSIRO propose a study into the development and optimisation of analytical methodology for the analysis of minor elements in smelters. This study will lead to improved management and accountability of trace elements during extractive metallurgy of base metal ores and concentrates.

Research Providers

  • CSIRO Process Science and Engineering
  • Dr Sharif Jahanshahi

  • University of the Witwatersrand