Bulk Pod Ore Sensing for Chalcopyrite
Project No. :P1128 Status :Terminated
AMIRA : Dr Olga Verezub
Duration : 2 years

The project will use novel sensing technology that can rapidly and accurately quantify chalcopyrite within rocks, to identifying production streams suitable for bulk ore sorting of low grade ore containing copper mainly as chalcopyrite. Bulk sorting involves the continuous sensing and diversion of ore batches in the order of tonnes, rather than particle by particle sensing. It has the potential to reject gangue minerals prior to milling and further processing, thereby significantly reducing overall production costs. The project aims to overcome the problem of assessing bulk ore variability, a critical parameter that influences the viability of bulk ore sorting. This will be done by developing a mobile sensor able to rapidly and accurately assay whole ore samples without the use of conventional assay methods. The project will be based on the CSIRO’s Magnetic Resonance technology developed for chalcopyrite and demonstrated at full-scale at Newcrest’s Cadia Ridgeway project. The initial focus will be on porphyry and IOCG (Iron Oxide Copper-Gold) copper deposits. The project will aim to answer key questions that influence the economic potential of bulk pod ore sorting technology.

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