Spectral induced polarization for 3D mineral discrimination - Phase 2
Project No. :P1058A Status :Terminated
AMIRA : Mr Philip McInerney
Duration : 3 years

The goal of P1058 Project was to develop techniques for mineral exploration and mineral discrimination based on spectral induced polarization data using distributed acquisition systems and advanced methods of 3D modeling and inversion. In this project, TechnoImaging intend to introduce new techniques for remotely determining the same IP parameters from both frequency- and time-domain field surveys. It is proposed to split Phase 2 to into Phase 2A and Phase 2b. - Phase 2a would be a general study on synthetic models, assessment of suitability of the Kevitsa and Relincho IP datasets, leading to a final decision on the two Phase 2b study sites. This site selection would be based on data suitability, and also economic factors (such as the cost of acquisition of new data at Silver Bell, for example). Site selection would be the conclusion of Phase 2a. - Phase 2b would be the complete study of the two selected sites; additional sampling, QEMSCAN / CR / GEMTIP analysis, building up the library of parameters. Forward modelling study, possibly data acquisition, and inversion study, interpretation and reporting.

Research Providers

  • TechnoImaging
  • Dr Masashi Endo