Bayer Precipitation and Alumina Quality
Project No. :P1152 Status :Management
Commenced : 18 Jun 2014 AMIRA : Dr Olga Verezub
Value : AUD $450,000.00 Duration : 2.5 years

PROJECT SUMMARY The objective is to quantify the effect of a high shear environment, as may be applied in Bayer precipitation circuits, on the strength of hydrate and alumina. Then based on these project outcomes make recommendations on controlling these strengths through the shearing applied to the slurries. HIGHLIGHTS/DELIVERABLES/VALUE ADDITIONS Main deliverables will include: A comprehensive experimental database quantifying the impact of shearing on hydrate and alumina strength under a range of precipitation conditions for different seed morphologies. These conditions include investigating the impact of supersaturation in solution, precipitation temperature, solids concentration, gibbsite particle morphology and modification of precursor gibbsite samples through additional precipitation. Results will improve significantly the understanding of the impact of slurry shearing on hydrate and alumina strength under different operating conditions, and lead to Recommendations on the potential role of slurry shearing in controlling hydrate and alumina strength under Bayer precipitation conditions.


  • Alcoa of Australia Limited
  • Rio Tinto Alcan Limited
  • South32

Research Providers

  • CSIRO Process Science and Engineering
  • Dr Iztok Livk