Interoperability Roundtable
Project No. :P1025A Status :Terminated
AMIRA : Dr Olga Verezub
Duration : 1 years

The main objectives of the project are to: Develop a set of Guiding Principles that can be used to immediately begin improving the direction of technology development in mining companies, equipment manufacturers, technology vendors, technical service providers and research organisations. A set of Draft Principles have already been developed in the preceding P1025 project that requires further endorsement and ownership by a broad range of stakeholders. Test the application of the Guiding Principles through use in specific production Scenarios (or Test Cases) where interoperability is an immediate concern for mining operators. The Scenarios will be selected by the contributing sponsors as those with immediate priority for existing mining operations. These Scenarios will demonstrate how improved interoperability leads to better managed operations. Document and apply leading practice in interoperability development in mining and related industries in order to ensure rapid and sustained progress. This includes maintaining a register (created in the preceding P1025 project) of relevant initiatives and organisations to help sponsors understand the complex interoperability landscape and focus their efforts on the activities with the most potential. Consult closely with mining suppliers so that the industry solutions are practical, given the constraints of the existing technology landscape, and aligned to the trajectory of rapid technology change that is impacting all industries. In addition, consult with existing related interoperability initiatives to ensure that all the activities are focussed on the optimal outcome for the industry without duplication. Develop recommendations for ongoing improvements in interoperability, including an ongoing mechanism for oversight of the Guiding Principles.

Research Providers

  • Indago Partners
  • Colin Farrelly