Process design options for refractory sulfide gold concentrates
Project No. :P1158 Status :Terminated
AMIRA : Mr John Visser
Duration : 1.5 years

Refractory gold ore processing requires an initial oxidation step to liberate the gold from a sulfide matrix. Three well accepted technologies (roasting, pressure oxidation, bio-oxidation) have been widely applied for the oxidation stage. This project will develop a systematic approach which will allow benchmarking of these three technologies, and several “newer” technologies during early stage project evaluation (scoping study) to assist companies with comparing the most suitable processing route. The project will use information from the public domain, from engineering firms, and non-confidential information not in the public domain to assemble a database of operational data from operations that have implemented these technologies, develop a simple thermodynamic model to quantify heat, mass, water and energy balances, and construct a “Decision Tree” to assist in technology selection at scoping study level.

Research Providers

  • Curtin University of Technology
  • Dr Mark G Aylmore

  • Arithmetek
  • Robert Dunne Consulting