Multispectral GPR for rock characterisation under cover - Stage 1
Project No. :P1187 Status :Circulation
AMIRA : Dr Olga Verezub
Duration : 2 years

The project objective is to develop a UAV-mounted GPR/radio multi-frequency system. The main driver for such development is mapping geology under shallow gravel cover of 0-1 m in a mine pit. The hyperspectral wavelengths are not able to perform such measurement as they would map only the surface of the pit. There is a need to develop a mapping tool with EM frequencies that can see through the gravel. GPR/radio frequencies should be suitable for this depth penetration. However, GPR works at single frequencies, so the aim of this project will be to develop a multi-frequency radio/GPR mapping of geology via UAV which is a longer wavelength version of multi/hyperspectral mineral mapping. The research will be focusing on characterisation of the multispectral signatures of different lithology/alteration/etc on the pit floor to make a geology map after the dig is complete. The UAV platform is needed to fly low enough to the pit floor(s). The operational impact would be better resource characterisation in terms of alteration or lithology domains or even mineralisation. The most beneficial use of such a tool would be an operation mining veins with wide-spaced drilling (25 m or more).

Research Providers

  • RMIT University
  • Groundradar