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Join AMIRA International and enjoy these benefits

AMIRA International exists to help its members develop and implement world class science and technology. We bring to our members four key advantages:

  1. 1. Leverage on their research funds combined with reduced risk.

By helping a number of like-minded companies to share the cost of a research project we enable them each to access all the IP benefits at a fraction of the cost and risk.

  1. 2. We give them access to the world's best researchers.

Over almost half a century we have built up relationships with the world's leading mineral research institutions and individuals. We know where the best expertise in any field lies and we can harness that (either singly or in partnership with other researchers) to create research teams of unrivalled ability.

  1. 3. We provide proven operating protocols and service.

Our Research Directors have developed proven protocols for ensuring that research delivery is world class. We provide that service to our collaborating member partners.

  1. 4. Networking

Being part of the AMIRA fraternity keeps you in contact with the global research community and abreast of developments.

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How you gain

This process allows our members to concentrate their research resources on the core projects that are critical to their competitive success while we give them access to industry-best technology in other fields at reduced cost. It also keeps you plugged into vital industry information networks.

Because of this, AMIRA International continues to attract new members and to provide expanded services.

In recent years we have opened new offices in

  1. 1. North America,
  2. 2. Latin America, and
  3. 3. South Africa

to provide improved access for our members.

Delivering Solutions through Collaboration: Member Services

Leveraging resources through collaboration - AMIRA International projects typically, although not exclusively, follow a collaborative model, in which industry companies cooperative to find a solution to a common technical problem in topics that makes sense for them to work together than compete. Such collaboration could include competitor mining companies and mineral equipment, technology and services supplier companies.

Expertise scouting - We are also able to develop and manage proprietary projects for individual members who may not have the internal resources to do this. This latter may involve finding and engraining the best research or technology providers around the world. At the discretion of the member, this propriatery model could be expanded to include identifying a non-competitor(s), or other companies sin the supply chain, ho can share in funding the development of the solution.

Early Technology Line-of-Sight - By virtue of the fact that AMIRA International receives many unsolicited project ideas, we filter out some as not suitable but many may have some application and it is these that we bring to the attention of our members. Through AMIRA International, members are able to obtain first "line-of-sight" of technology developments that may be of relevance.

Networking - A critical service to members is the important opportunity for networking offered by AMIRA International projects and roundtable events.

Access to an extensive knowledge base - Since inception AMIRA International has brokered and managed some 700 projects. Many of the reports from this project are accessible to Members. The database can be searched on-line.


AMIRA International works with all tiers of companies across the minerals value chain from explorers, miners to equipment, technology and service providers large and small. Our membership structure is designed around how members can utilise project IP in their business. The following tables explain the membership categories.

Nature of membership Membership Category Nature of the company eligible to be a member Company capitalisation* Restrictions on the use of Project IP
Group member Group A <US$2 Billion These members are permitted to share the Project IP with all related subsidiaries and with a parent company as long as they have 50% controlling interest in the subsidiary and the parent has 50% controlling interest in the member. A subsidiary may be an Incorporated Joint Venture in which two or more members collectively have 50% controlling interest.
Group B >US$2B up to US$10B
Group C >US$10 Billion
Group E Must be an explorer with no current mining operations anywhere in the world. Must not be a subsidiary of, or controlled by (defined as having 50% controlling interest), a producer. N/A
Group S Minerals equipment, technology and services suppliers only. N/A
Group K A special category that is offered at the discretion of the Managing Director and is applicable to companies that are interested in participating in only one project and/or whose business is in a different industry sector N/A
* For companies that are not publicly listed, the total sales revenue for the previous year will apply.

AMIRA International has re-assessed it's membership fees and from 1 July 2016 all Membership Categories, except K and S, will be decreased by 6%.

Nature of membership Membership Category Voting rights at Annual General Meetings Access to the Projects and Reports database Annual Membership dues*
Group member Group A Yes Yes AU$ 8,406
Group B Yes Yes AU$ 33,624
Group C Yes Yes AU$ 67,248
Group E No No AU$ 2,250
Group S Yes Yes AUD$ 8,406
Group K No No AU$ 8,406 + 10% of the average annual sponsorship that applies to the project being supported. Average is defined as the arithmetic mean of the sponsorship paid during the life of the project.
* Unless the AMIRA Board has increased dues in-line with increase in CPI. Does not include Australian Goods& services taxes or withholding or other government taxes that some countries apply to transfer money overseas.

Do you have any challenges which your company faces which can be elevated by research? As an AMIRA member you may be able to leverage of our large Research base and find the solution to your challenge. AMIRA is the location where sponsors & researchers can collaborate and find solutions to your challenges.

You can share your challenges with AMIRA and we can engage with you to ensure that potential research partners will find ways to help you achieve your outcomes.

(AMIRA ensures that any legal and IP relevant laws are strictly adhered to. All submissions will be strictly confidential and not disclosed to anyone outside of AMIRA.)

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