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Newsflash - April 2016



Gold Technology Short Courses add even greater value to P420 Sponsorships

Curtin University (WASM) Gold Technology Group in association with AMIRA International have teamed up to offer AMIRA P420E and F project sponsors the opportunity to participate free of charge in 2 separate short courses on May 28th and on June 1 2016. The short courses scheduled are:


  • A 2 Day course on the Fundamentals and Applications of Gold Ore Processing
  • 1-Day symposium on the Treatment of Complex and Refractory Gold Ores

The AMIRA P420F proposal is currently being circulated to prospective sponsors and is scheduled to start in June 2016. While participation in the short courses is open to non-sponsors of the P420 project, the AUD $1980 +GST cost for the 2 –Day course on May 28th and 29th and the AUD $1100 +GST cost of the 1-Day symposium on June 1 will be waived for employees of companies that have signed onto either the AMIRA P420 E or F projects.


The AMIRA P420 Gold Processing Technology Project has been running for 19 years, following 15 years of earlier AMIRA projects on gold metallurgy research. The project has made significant contributions to the understanding of many gold recovery processes and has developed a range of tools to support metallurgical process engineers to understand, optimize, manage, retrofit and design their plants. P420 has also delivered significant technology transfer to operators’ staff through on-site and regional courses. The project continues to evolve its program to meet many of the pressing challenges facing the Gold Industry in the current and foreseeable future landscape.

To find out more about the AMIRA P420F Project titled “Enhancing Gold Mining Economics – Improving Processing and Extending Reserves” please contact John Visser at


Gold Processing Technology - 2 Day course

Fundamentals and Applications of Gold Ore Processing Short Course – Perth May 28th and 29th 2016.


This 2-day course will provide attendees with an understanding of the fundamentals and practical applications involved in gold processing with a particular emphasis on plant optimisation. Topics covered will include mineralogy, gravity recovery, flotation, cyanide leaching, CIP operations, carbon management, elution, electrowinning and smelting and refractory ore treatments. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their plant practices and problems.


Click here for more details or to register for this course or contact Bill Staunton at

Complex and Refractory Gold Ores - Course

Treatment of Complex and Refractory Gold Ores Symposium – Perth June 1 2016


In this 1 – Day symposium, organised by the Curtin University Gold Technology Group in association with AMIRA International, invited speakers will review current and emerging technologies for recovering gold from such complex ores. Current operations will be described as well as proposed processing routes for new projects.


Click here for more details or to register for this symposium  or contact Bill Staunton at

20160210_124222_smaller.jpg Left to right: Paul Greenhill, Joe Cucuzza, Dick Davies, Rob la Nauze, Joe Pease, Max Richards

AMIRA International Board Meeting, Cocktail Function and “Ideas Factory”


The Board of AMIRA International met in Melbourne this month. April 2016 marks 56 years and seven months since the Australian Mineral Industries Research Association was incorporated in Melbourne on 2 September 1959. Accompanying the Board meeting were a number of special events.


On Wednesday 20 April a cocktail function was held to recognise the many local Councillors, Directors and CEOs who served AMIRA over the years. The cocktail function included an opening address from Hon Philip Dalidakis, Victorian Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade.


In addition, an “Ideas Factory” was held on Friday 22 April, which provided insights into some of the most recent applications of research and technology development being considered by minerals industry stakeholders. The speakers came from industry and research organisations highlighting AMIRA's ability to bring together consortiums for discussion of topical issues faced by the minerals industry.

20160210_124222_smaller.jpg Left to right: Dr Aubrey Paverd - AMIRA Chairman, Hon Philip Dalidakis - Victorian Minister for Small Business, Innovation & Trade, Mr Joe Cucuzza - AMIRA Managing Director


Showcase your wares to the Mining world: Use AMIRA’s services to reach a global audience!


Do you have a potential product or service that can revolutionise the mining industry? Do you need help with developing an idea or service and market it? Is your idea, product or service in another market segment which can potentially be adapted for the mining industry?


AMIRA International is a global mining association with around 70 members including producers, mineral equipment, technology   &   service suppliers as well as junior explorers. AMIRA has been around since 1959 and worked with most of  the largest companies in mining world. We have the largest global member base in the mining industry and have been responsible for the longest running collaborative mining project – P9 – Mineral Processing. If you’re looking for depth and experience in collaboration, facilitation and innovation, you need only to look at AMIRA International.


Contact us   if you want to discuss any ideas or show any of your products to our members and the general mining industry for free in our Technology Showcase section.


AMIRA contacts available here:

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