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Newsflash - August 2016


·          AMIRA International's SMART-Dam project - Know your Tailings Dams Deeper

·          P1025A - Interoperability Round Table – secure your spot now!

·          AMIRA International's P1185 IMPTEC Super Fine Crusher (SFC) Technology – Ore Amenability and Processing Benefits




P1162a bleak desert

AMIRA International's SMART-Dam project - Know your Tailings Dams Deeper


AMIRA International has an exciting new project working with the British Geological Survey on applying electrical resistance tomography in an automatic volumetric 3D time-lapse (essentially 4D) ground imaging system for remote monitoring of tailings dams. This technology will assess the internal condition of dam structures on a continuous 24/7 basis and provide early warning of deterioration, leakage or imminent failure of tailings storage facilities..


If you or your company would like to know more about the study and to receive an Expression of interest document outlining the scope of work and deliverables, please contact AMIRA International Program Manager:


Olga Verezub at



P1162a bleak desert

Interoperability Round Table – secure your spot now! - AMIRA International's P1025A project


If your company has issues with the integration and orchestration of processes, systems and data, you should be considering participation in the AMIRA International P1025A Interoperability Round table!.


The Round Table will comprise mining companies, mine contract operators and government agencies with an initial focus on the management and maintenance of surface mining equipment. The Round Table outcomes will have a broader application than just surface mining (open cut) operations. The guiding principles and specific scenarios developed within the project will inform the optimum design of better integration and data interchange in areas of greatest need.


For more information please contact AMIRA International Program Managers:


Olga Verezub at

Adele Seymon at



AMIRA Operational Geometallurgy

AMIRA International's P1185 IMPTEC Super Fine Crusher (SFC) Technology – Ore Amenability and Processing Benefits

It is well-acknowledged that the major energy consumption in mineral processing is due to comminution. Mineral particle size reduction is essential to adequate mineral liberation for efficient value recovery and final concentrate grade. Reducing the energy needed for both primary and regrind comminution can yield enormous savings and can, potentially, be the difference that allows economic processing hurdles to be met for new resource development.


IMP Technologies’ Chris Kelsey (of Kelsey Jig fame) has developed a new innovation in energy-efficient, super fine crushing. The technology has the potential to set lower capital, operating and maintenance cost benchmarks, together with revolutionising flowsheet development.


The Super Fine Crusher (SFC) is capable of massive size reductions, from +10 mm feeds to sub-10 µm products. This makes the SFC ideal to receive feeds from conventional cone crushers. Moreover the SFC can operate dry, opening up subsequent dry processing options and reducing water requirements deep into process flowsheets. The invention received the 2016 South Australia Innovation in Resources Award and Chris Kelsey and Bruce Kelley from IMPTEC will be presenting details and results from recent SFC development work later this month at IMPC 2016 in Quebec City.


To-date the SFC technology advantages have been shown to include:
• low net specific energy per tonne
• very low impact velocity, <0.2 ms-1
• very high compression
• very uniform breakage with particle size
• copes with variable hardness
• high, open circuit size reduction efficiency,
• dry process


AMIRA International, the University of South Australia and IMPTEC are teaming up to offer sponsors of P1185 an easily accessible, quick delivery project opportunity to gain valuable insights as to the applicability and benefits of this exciting innovation for use in their own operations, or for use in their future projects. The project team will be offering testing and assessment of IMP Technologies’ Super Fine Crusher (SFC) on sponsor feed ores, including the testing of SFC product performance in any sponsor-designated downstream process. Feed ores of any type – base metal sulphide, oxide (including Fe ore) and coal could be part of this demonstration project.


For more information on AMIRA P1185 please contact AMIRA International's Program Director Chris Ward at: | +61 438822103.





The Big Data Analytics industry currently generates AU$40B for providers, but a much smaller return when it comes to value to client organisations. Nobody can afford to not play the Big Data game, but as yet no-one knows how to win. This one-day workshop is all about resolving this contradiction. When identifying problems or opportunities inside organisations, we are often guilty of measuring what is easy to measure rather that which is important. There is a general assumption that the things we ought to measure – how engaged are staff? How resilient is the organisation? How good is our IP? How likely is disruption of our industry? How much do our customers trust us? – aren’t measured because they can’t be measured. This one-day masterclass builds on a fifteen year programme of research designed to specifically create reliable, repeatable ways of measuring the previously unmeasurable. Now validated through a host of client engagements, the class provides delegates with a series of measurement strategies and approaches to overcome the traditional problems associated with Big Data Analytics – how do we distinguish between what people say and what they mean? How do we identify false or misleading data? How do we translate measurement to actionable insight? How do we solve the chicken-and-egg problem of not knowing what to measure because we don’t know what will be important in the emerging future?.


The masterclass begins with a review of the Big Data Analytics industry and why it generates so much revenue for providers and so little tangible value to users. We then use this introduction as a platform for exploring practical solutions. Topics will include:...


For further information about the course click here.


If you are interested in the course please register here.



Melbourne City


3rd annual international mining and resources conference (imarc) – register now


The International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) programme has just been released, to be amongst the first to see what's in store for 2016. Click here to download the programme.


This year's programme will cover all aspects of mining from exploration to investment, production to optimisation through to technology, health and safety, future energy, policy and governance; it truly is the one-stop event for the entire industry.


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