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Newsflash - February 2017


          AMIRA International P9Q a truly global project!

          AMIRA International P9Q - The next stage

          Gold Processing Technology Course - Kalgoorlie

          Exploration Geoscience R&D - AMIRA International presenting at PDAC, Toronto


AMIRA International P9Q a truly global project!


The kickoff meeting for the P9Q Project was held on 8th February 2017 and was attended by representatives from all 9 sponsors and 6 researchers from around the world. The meeting was the beginning of a three year project which will deliver validated multi-component equipment models that will run in the Integrated Extraction Simulator (IES). The models to be delivered are:



The project is led by Dr Mohsen Yahyaei from UQ, SMI-JKMRC while Prof. Malcolm Powell will be the technical advisor of the project. The AMIRA International Program Manager responsibilities will be shared by Chris Ward, Jeremy Mann and Terry Braden with an emphasis on regional management for the benefit of sponsors.

Sponsorship of the project is still open to any companies interested in utilising equipment models for simulation and optimisation of their plant flowsheets.


If interested please contact AMIRA International Program Managers;

Chris Ward - Program Director, Mine to Metals - chris.ward@amirainternational.com
Jeremy Mann - Program Manager - jeremy.mann@amirainternational.com
Terry Braden - Regional Manager, North America - terry.braden@amirainternational.com



AMIRA International P9Q - the next stage


The AMIRA P9Q project has been developed to respond to the current commodity price and global economic environment by offering a project focused on delivery to assist mining companies to deliver cost savings and operational improvement in the near term at mine sites and in mineral processing plants.


P9Q will take models developed in the P9P program, up-rate them to manage multi-component ore feed and import them into the Integrated Extraction Simulator (IES) for verification and validation.


The resultant models will be fast tracked for reliable use in operational applications, and P9Q sponsors will have exclusive access during the project and for 18 months after the project ends.


The models will be validated using both existing and new field data to establish operational range and deployed by researchers working alongside site-based mill operators to drive operational improvements.


P9Q is an ambitious project and it will require:

Innovation from researchers to propose, test and realise the multi-component strategies.
Coordination with CRC ORE to ensure the models are imported accurately into IES.
Focussed development work in IES to provide upgraded interfaces for the models.
Collaboration between researchers and sponsors to ensure speedy model validation.
Teamwork by researchers and site staff to deliver real operational benefits.


If you are interested to learn more please contact:


Chris Ward - Program Director, Mine to Metals - chris.ward@amirainternational.com
Jeremy Mann - Program Manager - jeremy.mann@amirainternational.com
Terry Braden - Regional Manager, North America - terry.braden@amirainternational.com




A 2 Day course on the Fundamentals and Applications of Gold Ore Processing
Kalgoorlie, March 13 and 14 (Monday and Tuesday), 2017

AMIRA International is pleased to be associated with a 2-day course to be run by the AMIRA P420F Gold Processing Technology Group at Curtin University that will provide attendees with an understanding of the fundamentals and practical applications involved in gold processing with a particular emphasis on plant optimisation. Topics covered will include mineralogy, gravity recovery, flotation, cyanide leaching, CIP operations, carbon management, elution, electrowinning and smelting and refractory ore treatments. The course is open to the whole industry and participants will have the opportunity to discuss their plant practices and problems.


Registration cost for this 2-day workshop is AUD$1,980 (inclusive of GST). See brochure for more details.


Employees of companies that are sponsors of the AMIRA P420F Gold Processing Technology Projects are able to attend at free of charge (but must register by the due date).


For more information, please view the Gold Processing Course Brochure or contact:

Teresa McGrath - teresa.mcgrath@curtin.edu.au
Bill Staunton - w.staunton@curtin.edu.au



AMIRA International presenting at PDAC


This will be an opportunity to hear about how AMIRA International is working with stakeholders of the global exploration industry to improve exploration success.


Brief presentations will be given on a range of projects including:

one designed to deliver a new technique to characterise and quantify mineral samples (ColdBlockTM Technologies);
a project to develop multispectral ground penetrating radar (GPR) for rock characterisation under cover (P1187);
two new projects that will use the renowned WAXI project model to bring together the exploration community and deliver geological context for mineralisation in East Africa (EAXI) and South America (SAXI). Time will be allocated for interested parties to discuss the scope of interest for EAXI and SAXI.


Current AMIRA projects will also be presented and opportunities for involvement highlighted.


Come along and meet Adele Seymon Program Director, Exploration to Mine & Sustainability and Terry Braden - Regional Manager, North America.


AMIRA Internationals PDAC Exploration Geoscience R&D Brochure available here



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