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Big Data Analytics Workshop: "The Opportunity for the Mining Industry"

The Big Data Analytics industry currently generates AU$40B for providers, but a much smaller return when it comes to value to client organisations. Nobody can afford to not play the Big Data game, but as yet no-one knows how to win. This one-day workshop is all about resolving this contradiction. When identifying problems or opportunities inside organisations, we are often guilty of measuring what is easy to measure rather that which is important.

There is a general assumption that the things we ought to measure - how engaged are staff? How resilient is the organisation? How good is our IP? How likely is disruption of our industry? How much do our customers trust us? - aren't measured because they can't be measured. This one-day masterclass builds on a fifteen year programme of research designed to specifically create reliable, repeatable ways of measuring the previously unmeasurable. Now validated through a host of client engagements, the class provides delegates with a series of measurement strategies and approaches to overcome the traditional problems associated with Big Data Analytics - how do we distinguish between what people say and what they mean? How do we identify false or misleading data? How do we translate measurement to actionable insight? How do we solve the chicken-and-egg problem of not knowing what to measure because we don't know what will be important in the emerging future?

The masterclass begins with a review of the Big Data Analytics industry and why it generates so much revenue for providers and so little tangible value to users. We then use this introduction as a platform for exploring practical solutions. Topics will include:...