Project No. :P924 Status :Complete
AMIRA : Dr Alan D Stuart
Duration : 5 years

The Australian Mineral Science Research Institute comprised four existing world-class mineral research centres, together with a global network of associates and collaborators. AMSRI has the capacity to attack the major technical challenges in mineral and coal processing faced by the global mining industry in the next 25 years, and to reverse the declining trend in the production of technical specialists for the industry. Concurrent programs include: Energy Efficient Liberation, Frugal Water Use and Efficient Waste Management, Innovative Processing, Material and Interface Science, Advanced In-And Ex-Situ Analysis and Mathematics in Mineral Processing. Its science will deliver vital sustainability outcomes to mineral producers, and will be a major force for mineral innovation and education.

Research Providers

  • University of South Australia
  • Professor John Ralston

    Dr Terry Wilks

  • AMIRA International Limited
  • Ian Wark Research Institute (IWRI)
  • Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC)
  • Professor Emmy Manlapig

  • University of Melbourne
  • Professor Thomas W Healy

  • University of Newcastle
  • Professor Graeme J Jameson