Large Throughput Iron Ore Oscillatory Dewatering Systems
Project No. :P1150A Status :Circulation
AMIRA : Dr Olga Verezub
Duration : 1.5 years

The predecessor project - AMIRA P1150 “Moisture measurement and control for iron ore conveyor systems” discovered the optimum oscillation motions to enhance moisture migration for a range of iron ore types; over 1% moisture reduction was achieved for deslimed ROM iron ore product exhibiting bottom moisture migration behaviours; and nearly 2% moisture reduction was achieved for non-deslimed ROM iron ore product exhibiting top moisture migration characteristics. Once implemented in operation, a dewatering system based on this technology can provide direct multi-million dollars saving for iron ore producers in transport cost; it will also lead to significant indirect benefits in material handling efficiency gains for increasing throughput operation. The key project objectives of P1150A project are: • Characterisation of the mode and rate of moisture migration for each sponsor ore sample (for iron ores not previously tested in the P1150 project); • Conceptual design, construction and testing of the pilot scale dewatering system based on sponsor ore sample’s moisture migration mode and rate; • Feasibility study and conceptual design of the full scale large throughput dewatering system including onsite implementation strategy of the full scale advanced oscillatory dewatering system.

Research Providers

  • TUNRA Bulk Solids (University of Newcastle)