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Newsflash - February 2016



AMIRA Managing Director at INDABA and GMSG forum

AMIRA’s managing director, Mr. Joe Cucuzza, was in attendance at Africa’s largest mining event – Mining Indaba held in Cape Town, South Africa between 8-11 February. Mr. Cucuzza discussed technology ideas and opportunities focusing on AMIRA International’s Africa project portfolio including the West African Exploration Initiative (WAXI). He found the conference decidedly downbeat. Fewer delegates and fewer exhibitors compared to previous year - the vast majority of the latter were Suppliers who needed to show the flag. The key note presentation by Mark Cutifani was about the need to transform Anglo American. Alan Davies, Rio Tinto CEO diamonds&minerals, still believes that the China story has not ended. Stand out presentations were by Mark Bristow (Randgold) and the consummate salesman Robert Friedland (Ivanhoe) – the former is doing well as a result of disciplined management, the latter because he is sitting on some world-class copper, platinum and zinc deposits. And for those looking for another China, Dr Anil Gupta, Michael Dingman Chair in Global Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Smith School of Business, Uni. Maryland in his talk on the differences between India and China suggested that India will not take over China to drive up demand.


Mr. Cucuzza also presented at a forum hosted by the Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group (GMSG) in conjunction with the South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM), held at the Emperor’s Palace, Johannesburg, South Africa on 15-16 February 2016. The focus of the forum was “Building towards the Future of Mining”. Mr Cucuzza presented on “Guiding Principles for Interoperability”, addressing the rapidly growing momentum for collaboration to enable interoperability across mine equipment, systems and processes, throughout the mining sector.


He highlighted AMIRA International’s project “Achieving Interoperability across the Minerals Value Chain” (P1025), Stage 1 of which focuses on the development of Guiding Principles for Interoperability for Surface Mining Equipment. The project will identify industry-wide requirements to achieve the interoperability required for autonomy, safety, and productivity advances. Mr. Cucuzza outlined some of the outcomes of this project, which will be realized in the final report in March 2016, and encouraged discussion about the next steps required.


For more information about Mr Cucuzza’s presentation or to discuss any project idea’s or opportunities including P1025, please contact Adele Seymon at ( | +61 3 8636 9978.


AMIRA P9Q - Translating research to industry tools:
Validated Multi-Component Mineral Processing Simulator


Mining companies are responding to the price adjustment in commodities markets by implementing cost savings and operational improvement in mineral processing plants.  As a result projects focussing on operational improvement must produce tangible bottom line results within an 18 to 24 month timeframe in order to attract investment funding and management attention.


AMIRA International and the Research partners are responding to this environment by currently marketing the P9Q Translation Project.


The Research Partners will take the newly developed and partially validated multicomponent (multi-mineral and multi-ore) models delivered in the P9P Project, validate them to a defined operational window and verify the outputs. The researchers will provide demonstration circuit simulations of four operational flow sheets in the Integrated Extraction Simulator (IES) platform for uptake by sponsors at sponsor review meetings. These can be used by sponsors for varying ore conditions and flow sheet configurations using historic data with some additional analysis to establish operational range and capability.


Marketing of this project has commenced around the globe through a series of face-to-face and video conferencing meetings with demonstrations of the power of the IES to prospective sponsors and AMIRA members. To date the comments from potential sponsors is very encouraging with comments being made that “P9Q is the right type of project for the industry today” and that the IES and the models “will most likely be the standard for simulation in the minerals industry for many years to come”.


The P9Q Project will:     

  • Run over 3 years and seek to integrate 12 to 18 improved models (sponsorship dependent).
  • Allow sponsors free access to IES online during the entirety of the project term.
  • Update sponsors every 6 months with the latest P9 model enhancements in IES.
  • Offer exclusive access for sponsors to the validated P9Q models within the IES simulator during the project and for 18 months after the end of the project.
  • Insure more rigorous level of accountability through improved project management


For more information on the AMIRA P9Q project please contact Chris Ward at or Terry Braden at


AMIRA P420F Enhancing Gold Mining Economics: Improving Processing and Extending Reserves
is the next  iteration of the very successful Gold Technology Program being run through Curtin University in Perth. The AMIRA P420 Gold Processing Technology Project has been running for 28 years and focussed on gold metallurgy research.  The project has made significant contributions to the understanding of many gold recovery processes and has developed a range of tools that can support metallurgical process engineers in understanding, optimising, managing and upgrading their plants and even in designing new plants. 


AMIRA P420F has also delivered significant transfer of technological knowhow to operators’ staff through on-site and regional courses.  The project continues to evolve its program to provide the engineer with the help that is needed to meet many of the pressing challenges facing the Gold Industry in the current and foreseeable future. 


Typical challenges are:

·         Large, high-grade, free-milling deposits are rarely discovered and companies are turning to lower grade, complex and refractory ore-bodies to maintain reserves, which are often located in inhospitable and poorly accessible areas,

·         Reagent consumption, negative recovery impacts and detoxification of cyanide leach effluents remain a major concern particularly for refractory ores with significant Cu and Fe sulfide mineralisation and associated deleterious elements.

·         Human resources are still the key to successful operation, yet skilled gold metallurgists and technicians are in short supply. 

·         Investors punish deviation from guidance figures, yet the tools to optimise and to predict performance are not well suited to dealing with complex ore deposits. 

·         OHS&E issues are in the forefront of concerns, yet readily applied tools and know-how are not available to companies to facilitate adherence to duty of care standards.  Non-adherence to accepted environmental norms result in the loss of the operator’s licence to operate.


AMIRA P420F has been circulated to past and prospective sponsors for approximately 4 weeks and now and is gaining wide acclaim as a project that is suited to the current climate in the gold industry. This acceptance of the quality of the proposed research give great credit to the research team and AMIRA for being able to listen to the industry and translate their needs into a plan that resonates with them as being needed for their success of the gold industry. Confirmation of sponsorships have been received and this project is expected to start on completion of the previous P420E project in June 2016.


For more information on the P420F project please contact John Visser at or Chris Ward at


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